Below are a few impressive accomplishments Sam has completed for his clients:

Sam is a very successful copywriter, specializing in direct response communications which make sales. It is this impressive skill set that has led him to become the Director of Business Development for a leading, nationally accredited school, then serve as Vice President of Marketing for two of the largest and fastest growing franchisors in the industry with a combined $125 million in revenue, and now President of a successful Marketing Consulting firm where he largely serves as a Virtual Executive consultant.

Direct Marketing Specialist

Below are a few of the recent projects Sam has successfully completed for his clients who range from wellness to fitness to motorcycle parts resellers to manufacturers and beyond. From composing a sequential direct response sales letter campaign to developing a joint venture to creating a cross promotion, Hirschberg is a genius at client acquisition and lead generation.

A marketing and business development professional to the core, Hirschberg’s focus is ultimately to help you a) gain more customers and b) keep those customers!

Case Study #1 — The World’s Largest Directory of Specialized Personal Trainers

Using his unique skillset to serve the personal training and fitness industry, Hirschberg managed the development of a robust platform mathing ‘people that have a need’ with professional fitness trainers. After 18 months of BETA testing with over 500 professional trainers, Personal Trainer Central currently serves all 50 states and many countries. Visit Personal Trainer Central.

Case Study #2 — Project development — New Lead Source

Hirschberg set up the arrangement with who has 10 million users and is author of the article series. In addition, Hirschberg oversaw the development of the Internet productions and lead tracking. In fact, this article performed better than average with one of the highest click through rates and led to an overall increase in CTRs for both newsletters it appeard in.

Case Study #3 — Print Advertising

Sam recently conducted his magic additions to an ad that was being run for several years in a trade publication, for one of his clients. The ad was breaking many direct-response rules that Sam is an expert in. The changes Sam made to this ad realized a 2900% increase in responses, in just 30 days!

Case Study #4 — Joint Ventures — New Lead Source

Set up the arrangement with the Exercise Group, leaders in fitness publishing and natural bodybuilding. In addition, Hirschberg authored the article series and oversaw the development of the Internet productions and lead tracking.

Case Study #5 — Franchisee Acquisition

Hirschberg’s out-of-the-box thining and aggressive marketing methods helps franchise models experience massive growth:
Wellness Franchise Reports Growth

Case Study

Case Study #6 — Franchise Growth

Hirschberg helps franchise models grow in down economy:Scaling Up in a Down Market

Case Study #7 — SPECIAL REPORT — Out-of-the-box Thinking

Hirschberg wrote valuable Special Reports, oversaw the development of the landing pages, developed the internet marketing to educate and drive more qualified lead flow to franchise models, encouraging growth for area developers, master franchises and franchisor: Fitness Together Unveils “The Insider’s Guide”.
The report can be downloaded here.

Case Study #8 — Internet Marketing

Experienced in all facets of Internet marketing inclucing SEO, SEM, ecommerce, and lead generation Hirschberg helped win impressive search rankings: FT and ETM Take Top Spots on AOL

Case Study #9 — Successful Author

Hirschberg is the author of multiple successful continuing education courses (CEUs) available through a nationally accredited school, educating busines leaders and professionals. For example, a description about his public relations course can be found here.

Case Study #10 — SEM / PPC Internet Marketing

Hirschberg was given a $100 monthly online ad budget and grew it into over a $30,000 monthly budget, experiencing returns of 700% to 1100%. That is, the client realized $7-$11 back in sales revenue for every $1 invested. Hirschberg recently helped a client gain as much as a $100 to $1 return. Amazing and exciting stuff!