Your Strategic Marketing Partner

Sam Hirschberg, M.B.A., B.S., A.A./A.S.

Sam Hirschberg, M.B.A., B.S., A.A./A.S.

— A Specialist in Direct Marketing, You’ll Gain and Keep More Customers, More Often

— With a Specialization in Decision Modeling, You’ll Optimize Gross Profit and Boost Net Income!


“Sam, your ad copy has converted at 8.31%! That puts your conversion of ‘viewers to inquiries’ in the top 5 of our 160+ customers. It’s ahead of brands like 7-Eleven and Subway! Somehow you were able to increase the conversion by a significant amount. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of one of our best (and most favored frankly) clients.” 

– Matthew H. Bogart, Sales Manager (

Sam can help you attract more of your best customers.

Increased RIO

Let Me Help You Develop and Manage Your Marketing Department

Hirschberg Direct is a Direct Marketing and Business Development consulting firm, managed by Samuel Hirschberg. Always professional and a delight to work with, Sam is the ideal marketing consultant to help you develop your marketing department, gain more sales, optimize operations,  and increase sales revenues.  Samuel has led marketing departments responsible for over $125 million in revenue, is an accomplished direct-response advertiser, skilled in direct marketing and decision modelling.

Definition of Marketing

Marketing and innovation are the two chief functions of business. You get paid for creating a customer, which is marketing. And you get paid for creating a new dimension of performance, which is innovation. Everything else is a cost center. 

— Peter Drucker

Sam is your BEST solution for Business Development, Marketing and Optimization because he will help you:

  • Slash wasted advertising spend and put more net income in your pocket!
  • Do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t!
  • Find the price points that will help you make the most gross profit on every sale
  • Find and grow online opportunities
  • Find and locate new markets of hungry buyers (using the best market research strategies available today)
  • Better manage your Google Adwords and MSN Bing pay per click accounts
  • Optimize your Google Analytics research
  • Optimize your marketing and advertising — you’ll get more in return for spending less money on advertising!
  • Send more business to your sales staff
  • Establish your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Establish your “Economic Order Quantity” to better manage your inventory spend and stop wasting money on unwanted inventory lining your shelves
  • Optimize your inventory requirements based on what your customers want
  • And much much more!

Call to learn more about Sam at (602) 892-0777 (FREE 9-minute recorded message)

Phase I — Review Your Project

  • ‘Big Data’ Exploration
  • Sourcing Your ‘Big Data’ Across Platforms
  • Data Management

Phase II — Develop a Strategic Plan

  • Objective Analysis
  • Return on Advertising Investment (ROAI) analysis
  • Recommendations / Solutions

Phase III – Optimize Your Marketing!

  • Campaign Optimization
  • New Campaign management
  • Business Growth Systems